Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

fees and charges?

midesign3 will normally submit an outline fee proposal  at the beginning of discussions so the potential client will know what is included and more importantly what isn't. It will also show the expected stage payments based on the work completed.

 commission and supplier discounts?

Midesign3 do not earn commission or receive payments from suppliers or manufacturers. Any savings we can secure from suppliers are passed on to our clients in full

Will you consider projects outside asia pacific region .?

You will see Midesign3 work all around the world and we are happy to travel to discuss projects and spend time on site where required,the logistics can be discussed prior to appointment

 Will the project be designed by experienced professionals?

When you appoint Midesign3 you are appointing experienced and professional  design consultant Michael Watson to carry out your project and not someone inexperienced, consequently you can expect professional and quality service from me.