initial concept design

Midesign3 consider this stage of our work is critical in establishing not only client requirements but understanding budgets,programs, and customer expectations

DSC00087 (1) 2

specification and documentation

Following agreement of the initial stages midesign3  will  work with architects/engineers/ and other consultants , to agree and co-ordinate location of services,including scale plans,elevations ,diagrammatic lighting layouts with indicated M&E grilles where possible, based on information supplied by the services consultants.Midesign drawings will generally be at 1/100 scale or as appropriate,and include initial furniture planning,and material and finishes documentation


Contracts and costings

Midesign3 will work in conjunction with other consultants to prepare documentation necessary to obtain competitive tenders for the works involved.Midesign would normally provide a set of documents both drawings and written specifications for tendering.Midesign3 will normally allow for periodic site visits to ensure the project progresses and the quality and accuracy of the design is maintained.


from bedrooms to bars

Midesign3 experience is always expanding and we are keen to ensure our design work does not date quickly but provides a degree of longevity that is both functional and cost effective

bedroom case goods and carpets

We often design carpets as well as the case goods in bedrooms which gives our clients an extra element of exclusivity to their marketing ,as this bedroom in stirling scotland inspired by Charles Rennie mackintosh designs

stirling june2 gallery

Please look through the gallery of midesign projects to see our varied projects ,then email to outline your project needs